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DinoTwin T2 Hydro Edition - underdog that nails it!

I’ve never heard of DinoTwin company before. I bet, neither have you. Well, you should.

Take notice of this rising company. It represents everything I like about startups, proper product strategy and execution! It gets better - they deliver awesome product!

SECURE IT 22.jpg


They under-promise. They iterate. They start small, polish their concept and prepping to go big. I really hope they go really big in Sport and Fitness domains in the nearest future!

Nope, there isn’t going to be a fancy video this time. They don’t have it. But their logo - is cool and I give UX designers props for it!


So, what is T1 you may ask - the answer is - I don’t know!

All I know, it was their first model of Turbo-sport series, and it was replaced by T2 very quickly. But then, there are T3 and T4 concepts in the pipeline - awesome! I’m eager to see what that is.

Banner b.jpg
All colors in the pipeline

It’s a textbook of successful product line execution - prove your idea, then go big.

And they are doing it. Idea is getting proved! Meet DinoTwin T2 Hydro Edition.

Why Hydro?

Unlike many other big companies (read my past reviews), DinoTwin utilize Liquipel technology.

Liquipel is a thin nano-polymer-layer that protects the device and its components inside out.

No, you can’t apply this coating sperately of manufacturing process - you need to integrate it at the assembly time. Yes, it is costly, but it gives that long-lasting result and sweat protection we are looking for!

There is only one other company on the market at the moment, Plantronics with Backbeat-Fit, that utilizes P2i tech, which is very similar. Unfortunately, Plantronics went for a decade-old ‘around-the-neck’ design that is not suitable for active people and gym dwellers. It doesn’t have the versatility to work well in the gym, and noise-canceling is an issue. It is essentially an open-air design. Well, maybe with next iteration Plantronics will get it right.


These earbuds don’t just look good - they looks awesome, even without packaging. Lime-green - is my favorite, and every detail looks great!

Cord is flat and sweat-protected, controls are sealed and have contour, earbuds - are very light-weight and are not big on your ears at all. As a matter of fact - they are the lightest set on the market right now. You literally forget about these after just a few minutes of your workout.

Oh, and the good thing - you don’t look like vintage robot with giant bolts in your ears.

Instead, you look like a pro.

Jokes aside - these earbuds don’t make you look bad at all - quite the opposite - you’ll get nice compliments and questions about your gear (with 90% people using stock Apple earbuds - of course you’ll do!)


Loud, engaging, without major flaws. Again for the gym - noise isolation and balanced loud sound - that's what you should be looking for, and with T2’s - you got it!

Eartips and stabilisers

This is the only area that somewhat lacking - you get 3 eartip sets, S, M, L and one set of stabilisers.

I, personally, switched to use the ones that fit me most - 4mm nozzle diameter gives you plenty of options with replacement eartips on the market, inluding those of Comply. But original tips work very well too.

Charging port

Unlike with Jabra Sport Pulse and Jaybird Bluebuds X, in these - USB cover has an insert that protects insides of the port. Nice! I would preferred the entire port cover be more rubbery. But current one - looks good and seal is also good.

I haven’t had any issues with sweat leaking thru. Maybe it’s due to Liquipel, maybe due to overall construction - the results of a long-term usage are surprisingly good. You won’t have to worry about it, if you close it tightly every time.


That is the first time I mention case in my reviews. Here is why. DinoTwin got it almost right! Case is breathable. Its not a hard shell, like with Powerbeats 2 Wireless, or a simple pouch like in Yurbuds (review on these is coming soon). Instead, case is made of breathable material.

Why this matter? Because, after every workout you need to let your earphones dry, before you clean and lock them up in non-ventilated case. By doing so you will stop any corrosion that might be happening to internal components. Yet, the case needs to have enough structure to provide basic protection from other workout gear in your gym bag.

Only Shure with SE seriers, is doing it right at the moment. But DinoTwin - is very, very close! Case on it's own allows enough ventilation, while case structuge protects your gear.

Battery life

At least 3 workouts on near to full blast - these are loud headphones, so you don’t need to have them on 100% all the time. And bluetooth range is great - better than many competitors I tested!


Customer Support

If you want to evaluate any business, check out their customer service.

This company gets positive reviews on their response time and helpfulness everywhere you look.

Customer support is hard, and DinoTwin - is focusing on the right things. No flashy videos, but very nice quality customer service!

I approve!


There you have it! As a faithful gym companion - DinoTwin T2 is a great choice. And at $99 price point (you can find them for less than that too) - it won’t break your bank and you can easily afford spares.

As for me - I’ll keep following this young and rising company.

As soon as T3 and T4 comes out, if they are ‘around-the-ear’ design (which is what you need for long runs), I’ll be reviewing them next.

On this positive note (for once), good night!
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