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EOY results and 2016 race plans


2015 was an awesome year. Lots of ‘firsts’. First half, first full, first running injury, first doubt, first victory and first defeat.

Looking back, now that I’m done with racing for this year, here is the summary of events.

Barzen Western Pacific Half

Great location, flat course, but lots of gravel so it affects the pace. Whoever, this race is Boston Qualifier, and race pictures are free!

Marina Bay Riveter Half

Excellent flat course, by the Bay with good on-course support. I’ll definitely come back for this one and highly recommend this even. One drawback - pictures are pricey.

The San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon

I liked this race a lot. I grieved for my missing toenails, though. In my opinion, 2nd Half is better than the first half. It starts at a reasonable hour from the Golden Gate Park, it takes you thru the city, and you finish at Embarcadero with the rest of marathon finishers - perfect race. But it is very hilly, and you should be ready to pass very steep downhills.

Munich Marathon

If you ever plan event in Europe - plan this one. It is not as glamourous as Berlin or London Marathons, but the city, people, organization and very fast course will guarantee you great memories.

Berkeley Half Marathon

Just do it! The course is technical, it will make you work for your results, but it is so rewarding to be able to race thru the campus of one of the best universities in the world (yes, I said it).

2016 - what’s coming?

Winter: Feb 14th, LA Skechers Performance Marathon

I’ll be there, as I’m training for it as we speak. Also, Feb 13th, US Olympic Marathon Trials are going to be held on the same course! So, two events in one trip!

Spring: TBD

I want to run one of these two Santa Cruz halfs. One, Santa Cruz Surfer's Path takes you from the Wharf to Capitola and back, May 22nd (and it's my b-day weekend!) The second one, Santa Cruz Half Marathon - up the West Cliff Drive toward the SC University campus, April 11th. I like the idea of running another half on my birthday, but I want to run West Cliff! So, I’m still debating this one with myself.

Summer: Marina Bay Riveter Half

As soon as registration opens - I want to run this as a reference to my annual progress, and tune-up race for the next full marathon. I enjoyed this course a lot in 2015. This time it should be even better.

The San Francisco Marathon, July 31st

Yes, I’m taking a plunge. I’m running the entire thing. Marathon in LA will be my reference point, and in SF - I want to go with everything I’ve got. It is not going to be an easy race, but I’m determined to complete it. I already signed up for this one too.

Fall: TBD

Fall is open at the moment. Again, I debate either California International Marathon in Sacramento. Or, instead, I could be running another race in Europe. Amsterdam, Berlin or Frankfurt. Not decided at the moment. But I’ll know better soon.

So, this is it for now.

Good night and run fast!

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